Pigeon Spikes

Freedom from Bird problems

Bird-Edge® offers the most elite and effective solution to the discomforting menace resulted predominantly by a flock of pigeons.

Most of us have experienced the menace and accepted pigeon droppings defiling the facades of important structural constructions but the fact that goes flying under our noses is that pigeons are responsible for spreading more 60 different kinds of diseases, the majority of them being airborne. The most common being the Bird Flu.

While there are no doubts about the effectiveness of Bird-Edge® the use of net as a replacement for spikes has been proven as a less than effective method of bird control, as the birds overtime learn to rest and peck at the net, no such thing is possible with Bird-Edge®

This is where Bird-Edge® Pigeons Spikes soar high over the flying pest.

Being the market leader in India since 2003, Bird-Edge® has time and again, delivered not only a fool- proof solution but also laid a foundation to a cleaner and nuisance free lifestyle.

Bird-Edge® does not use net or other cheap plastic instead the stainless steel pigeon spikes is a fairly simple but a game changing concept. Bird-Edge® owns patented rights to the technology that goes in the making of Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes, right from the marine grade AISI 316 Stainless Steel Spikes with anti-rust for 20 years at least, to the almost invisible Virgin Grade Polycarbonate base (with UV Stability) which is light-weight and shatterproof without being an eyesore, something which net or normal plastic can’t offer.

It comes with specially formulated powerful adhesive, to simply glue the Bird-Edge® to any surface and prevent further disorderly behavior of pigeons by disallowing them to perch on parapets.

Pigeon spikes are 100% humane and results in absolutely no harm to the birds whatsoever. It is just as cost effective, as it is simple, proficient and easy to install.

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