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We all know about the defilement caused by birds, especially pigeons and their over exploding population, to offices, residences, malls, factories, places of worship and just about every inch of space they get. In India, it is common to feed a bird and even more common to accept bird pooping as a sign of good luck in the name of blind superstition, but the repercussions is borne by the property owners. Not anymore.

Embrace the utility of BIRD-EDGE® and what it offers: Sterling protection with a sophisticated tier of stainless steel spikes. With a fairly simple concept which explores that a bird cannot sit on spikes, this disallows the bird to land, rest or dirty the installed surface, thus presenting you with utmost protection and beautification of the property. Contact us today and break free from troublesome feathers.

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Bird-Edge offers you the assurance of:

  • No more bird droppings
  • Zero visibility, maintaining aesthetics of your property
  • Zero running cost
  • Zero maintenance
  • Long Life

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