Stainless Steel Spikes can be fixed on virtually any surface (Flat, Shaped, Uneven, irregular, convex, concave, oval, etc.) and on any material (cement, metal, wood, glass, tiles, ceramics, brick, etc.) The standard supplied length is 2 feed and can be cut in 1" multiples.

  • 1

    Assess the length and width required to be protected. One row of spikes can cover 8" width. For wider widths install multiple rows.

  • 2

    Assess whether installation is required by Adhesive, Nail, Screw, Wires Ties or Velcro.

  • 3

    Prepare the surface where the spikes need to be installed by cleaning and repairing the surface if damaged.

  • 4

    Adhesive: Please use constuction based adhesive (e.g. Bostic, Seal n Flex) Apply the adhesive using a gun to the underside of the base as shown. Then, firmly place and press the spikes on the surface so that it sticks firmly. Let the adhesive dry and this will be permanent fix, Approximately, 1 tube of adhesive will fix 60 feet.

  • 5

    Snap fit the spikes for continuous lengths. Also, adjust the stainless steel spikes width by either bending inward or outward for desired coverage. Please do not bend the 90 degree spikes. You should adjust the spikes that are already "V" and never the "U" spikes.

  • The spikes are humane and non-lethal but still sharp. Please wear protective gloves and avoid loose clothing. Please keep away from children. Please be carefull during installation.