Bird Control

Birds - Scare them away

In India, it is a common practice to see public places defaced by avifauna menace. It is often dismissed by saying it is a sign of good luck in the name of blind superstitions. The property owners are often at the business end of these problems since they have to pay for fixing the damages to buildings and electronic devices.

Bird-Edge® brings you sterling bird proofing solutions to control the infestation of birds of a designated area by acting as an effective bird stopper in the most humane way possible.

We have dedicated solutions and bird control services which not only control the interference of birds but with the use of bird guards, acts as a viable barrier. Once you indulge in our bird control services, the bird guards will give you total control over your desired bird solutions.

There has been a demand for various kinds of specialized bird repeller in India and throughout the western world. Although these devices provide dependable quality needed by a repellent for bird proofing, it often tends to get expensive and tedious compared to other methods.

Bird Edge® offers you the easiest solution for bird proofing your surroundings with minimal hassle and low maintenance. Our proficiency in providing the best quality and resourceful logistics has earned us a dedicated and satisfied customer base all over India.

Bird-Edge® offers you the assurance of zero visibility while maintaining aesthetics of your property extremely advantageous for airport bird control.

Bird Edge® has established its name as the leading brand in bird control services since 2003, through a range of simplistic bird proofing devices based on our patented idea of a connected matrix made up of Stainless Steel Spikes molded by polycarbonate base equipped with ultraviolet filters for long bird free life. The steel spike used in the bird guards are of marine grade quality and to combat the weather conditions of India, it can resist rust for at least 20 years.

Bird repeller in India is a necessity owing to the large feathered population and their rampant menace caused by bird droppings and the practice of rest and nest.

It has equal practicality in airport bird control as well as in a parking lot basement.

Our embed use of spike projection acts as the perfect repellent to deter a bird from sitting at a preferred spot since the spike surface provide no place for the bird to land.

With our dedicated bird control services and top of the line bird guards and bird stopper, no bird is ever a worry again.

Bird-Edge® is a lifelong bird stopper and the ultimate brand in bird proofing solutions